When I created my Twitter account, I didn’t really know what to do with it. Not that it didn’t look interesting, but I just didn’t imagine how it can be used in way other than just keeping others updated about what you are doing.  When I started following more people, my horizons began widening. But it was not until the last Tuesday, when I realized the real value of Twitter.

The Tuesday’s crazy weather surprised me a bit and I didn’t really know what is going on. Before I went home, I stayed in Student Union for a while and watched constant weather reports on TV. I didn’t exactly understand what they are showing, besides I couldn’t hear anything because sound was turned off. I didn’t know if I’m about to die or the sun will start shining in few minutes. This somehow discouraged me from watching TV when I got home. I rather opened the Twitter site, searched for #OKstorms (http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23OKStorms) and read what other people had to say.

I was amazed, how many information I got. There were not only updates about weather conditions in different parts of Oklahoma, but also pictures and videos. New updates were coming every minute through the whole evening. Next day I checked #OKstorms to see how severe were tornado damages and current weather conditions. It was easy, comprehensive and quick.

I was so positively surprised by the huge amount of valuable information you can get on Twitter that I searched more about it. And there is so much more. If you like to travel, Twitter can become your personal travel guide (http://blogs.nationalgeographic.com/blogs/intelligenttravel/2009/02/twittering-while-traveling.html). Do you like to cook? Perfect, use Twitter to get new ideas and tips (http://gapersblock.com/drivethru/2009/02/12/foodies_worth_following/). Someone even experiments with burglar alarms connected with Twitter (http://www.kelvinsthunderstorm.com/2009/02/twitter-burglar-alarm/).

So, I guess, with all this different possibilities, Twitter offers something for someone.